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“If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.”

-Paul J. Meyer












“Having been in management for several years, I was skeptical. Much to my surprise

(and benefit) I gained bits and pieces that helped make challenging situations


The LMI process is better than any university or formal school could ever deliver.”

Dave Ramsey, Operations Manager, Varment Guard



“The LMI process truly raised our focus on results and improvements to a new level.  The process is adapted to

 fit the needs of your individual business to ensure you get a measurable ROI!

Al Steigerwalt, CEO, Cartridge World







“Using the LMI process, we were able generate an additional $12,000 per month by reducing

 our cancellation rate from 9.8% to below 6%. We also increased the dollar per trip by 24%

and reduced our "no money" trips by 12%.”

Earnie Wheeland, General Manager, Rescue Rooter




“Our firm is posed for explosive growth and your process has set the stage for us to move to the next level

 of service to our customers. Most important was the engagement in ‘higher thinking’, where the whole

organization’s ideas and thoughts were brought to a richer level.”

Woody Winfree, Managing Partner, Winfree, Ruff & Assoc.






“The LMI process has the infinite ability to raise your game by holding yourself more accountable. The process

won't let you give yourself a reason to lose yourself to apathy and ineffectiveness. By taking this course, I saw

 it impact my bottom line, in both my business as well as personal relationships. The LMI approach is a real

 "Get off your duff" methodology and it works! Thanks for everything!”

Derek Atchley, Owner, Atchley Signs & Graphics








Executive Showcase





Serves Three Purposes

You Can…

þ  Experience the Results

þ  Identify Specific Goals

þ  Make an In-House Decision






We get RESULTS in these areas:

Ø  Increased Productivity

Ø  Enhanced Communication

Ø  Increased Focus on Priorities

Ø  Improved Organizational Skills

Ø  Development of Key Personnel


8 Key Questions to Your Success


1.  What do you want in business and life? 

2.  Why do you want it? Why is it important to you?

3.  When would you like to have it? And why then?

4.  What is keeping you from having it now?

5.  How will you feel when you have it?

6.  What do you need to do to get it?

7.  What is your plan to get it?

8.  Are you willing to do what it takes to get it?




It’s Your Future


1.  As you think about this year, what you can imagine?

2.  Which of these is most important?  Why?

3.  Who on your team members would need to raise their game to

 the next level to achieve this best case scenario?  What specific

 skills do they need to improve?

4.  What are you doing about this now?

5.  When would you like to start working on this so you can start

 achieving the results you desire?



What Resources
are Available?


·      Seminars, Lectures, Workshops & Events

·      Books, magazines & newspapers

·      Videos & e-Newsletters

·      Night-School courses

·      University continuing
education courses

































































Is there any

reason we


get started …


Right now?





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